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Thread: Ruger M77 Hawkeye. Good/Bad?

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    Ruger M77 Hawkeye. Good/Bad?

    Following on from the last post about heavy rifles I think I've found one. I searched all the big manufacturers websites and all the Sporter rifles seem to weigh in at between 6-7lbs. In .338 Win Mag I have a feeling that may be a bit light!

    Well I looked on the Ruger site and found the M77 Hawkeye. It looks nice, couldn't see any plastic bits and it has a Mauser style controlled round feed which is good. It also weighs in at 7.9lbs so it's a heavy bugger! That's great, as long as it's well balanced?

    This is it...

    Does anyone have a Ruger? I know very little about them apart from the fact that they are a long standing American manufacturer. How do they shoot? What's the build quality like (they're obviously mass produced on a huge scale)? The only Ruger that seems popular here is the 10/22 and the build on them is ok.

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    I have a M77 Mark 1 in .308. I bought it second hand a couple of years ago. Its a cracking gun, shoots well (sub 1/2inch at 100m), and is a solid gun. Built on a Mauser 98 action, one jam in two years! Its a quality peice of kit and I believe they are very popular in the states. A friend has a heavy barreled new model with the laminate stock in .223, it is again a solid gun, and shoots better than mine, it also balances nicely with a mod (havent seen it without).

    Hope it helps

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    Ruger rifles are generally well built. I like the ring system and I like the lines. I have rebarreled many old Rugers that didn't shoot but back then (mid 70's) they had some serious quality issues with their barrels. New ones are considered accurate and reliable.

    I think though, that the extra .9 pounds doth not make a heavy rifle. Heavy in a .338 is 9 pounds!! ~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    I think though, that the extra .9 pounds doth not make a heavy rifle. Heavy in a .338 is 9 pounds!! ~Muir
    Maybe not, but it's heavier than 6-7lbs isn't it?!

    If I wanted it that heavy I'd get a TRG rebarrelled, but then after having one hernia I don't want to push my luck! Imagine having to carry that and a Deer up a big hill back to the truck. Unfortunately I have to park at the top of all my permissions!

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    Ok. As long as you weren't trying to talk yourself into anything! ~Muir

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    I have a Ruger 77 Mk11 .223. Could not get it to group when new. Tried various factory ammo and 1.5" was the best i acheived. Changed the stock for a Hogue full bed model and handloaded my ammo. Very accurate now. I like the safety system for foxing at night from a vehicle i feel it a very positive on/off. I think that the general build and engineering of the ruger is more than acceptable given the price and comparing it to other manufacturers.
    AS someone else pointed out they are very poular in the States.

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    Thankyou for all the replies chaps. Generally it sounds like the more recent guns are ok, but occasionally accuracy issues seem to appear. It seems that it can be solved with an after market stock though so it's not the end of the world (as most seem to shoot well). I think I'll give it a go and hope it's a shooter.

    Muir, I'm forever talking myself into something. Really all I try to do is talk myself into something that's better for me than the other options! The Ruger sounds reasonable. I hope it is a shooter because a .338 Win Mag isn't going to be easy to get rid of in the first place. If it doesn't shoot I couldn't sell it as good so that will make things even harder!

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