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Thread: Optician suffolk?

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    Optician suffolk?

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a good optician in Suffolk (I live near needham market so hopefully not too far away, but I would travel for a really good one).

    my eyes aren't that bad but unfortunately my right eye is slightly worse than my left, I find this annoying being a right handed shooter as my previous couple of sets of glasses have never really brought my vision in my right eye to the same as that in my left.

    I googled shooting optician suffolk and came up with an optician in Newmarket
    Newmarket - Spectacular Opticians
    not sure if these are any good?

    any tips gratefully received (other than suggestions to start shooting left handed, lol)

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    Where there are more Muntjac than you can shake a stick at
    Qualified staff, national standard, lengthy and very thorough testing, faultless diagnosis & prescribing for both goggles and contacts, takeaway prescription, good focused customer service, routine followups, local (for you), and free :

    Nothing to lose. Don't know if they do monocles though ! Best, S.

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