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Thread: Last trip on the does.

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    Last trip on the does.

    it was the last trip on the does . Started well up 5.30 sat morning on to the hill just as first light came lay on big heather knoll glassing for an hour or so watching 3 does out to about 250 ish. I had picked the yearling out was just working my to them and suddenly the young doe came running towards me. Came to 80 yards necked it.Went back for my pup hes 8 month now took him down wind to let him find it.Which he did and grabbed it round the neck.. Went back to the truck to get my bitch it was only about 7.30 so off for another to the big clear fell glassed another big old doe she looked really fat so i just stalked her for the sake of seeing my pup how reacted when he saw her.go to 30 yards till she see me then off she ran.Sat in a box sat evening watched a doe and 2 young ones took the young doe and buck kids. Went out sunday dident see out..good weekend and the pup is doing realy well...cheers Neil
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    sorry cant put photos on for some reason any Help.......

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    Good to read, well done with the Pup, what breed is it?


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