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    Hello folks

    CWD buck canine's are now being measured out of the sckull instead of point of eruption I belive.
    My question is: will/do the measurer's still measure from point of eruption or is it JUST removed from the sckull

    Anybody know



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    I was told it is just removed from the skull, I believe the point of eruption was too difficult to measure from / too easy to adjust.

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    They measure the whole of the tooth from top to bottom on the outside bend and then around the top at the biggist point. If you want to know more pm me and i can explain how it all work as i have had some measured.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 222cwd View Post
    as i have had some measured.
    only some
    bit modest ain't we

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    Thanks Storm and 222cwd, you have confirmed what I had thought.

    Thanks for the pm offer 222cwd. I have a shoulder mount on the wall I would have liked to have measured but too late now

    Can you remember what would make a gold from point of eruption, just curious

    Thanks again


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    it's not to late to get it measured,
    the teeth can be removed, then placed back when measured with out effecting the mount

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    The difference between the old system (point of eruption) and new system (whole length) is, on average, 15mm on each tusk, therefore 30mm in overall score. The new system started in May 2006.

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    Sorry, forgot to add that the old scores were 180 for Gold, now 210.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ukcic View Post
    Sorry, forgot to add that the old scores were 180 for Gold, now 210.
    and the point of this was what??
    sorry for this
    i thought the idea of creating medal heads are a one in a life time acheivement or there abouts
    CWD can acheive this by 3 years of age with ease in some areas
    i think there needs to a better formula which should include head size or weight to give older bucks the prestige value as all to often a a tooth is broken with age and fighting
    so having an old buck make it big should be more of an incentive to provide good management practices than just shooting a long toothed buck to make up for the girth
    yes i agree there will be cases of a young buck carrying good weight and size will be taken but this shold make it harder for this to be achieved

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    Absolutely right and the CIC is looking at a different formula, but to be fair it's a bit difficult with an animal that doesn't have much more than tusks. Don't forget the CIC formula was put together 70 years ago when there were fewer animals about in the UK and most of them then still in the Far East. Things have changed since then and whatever formula is eventually agreed, it has to reflect what it is the animal produces rather than what we think it ought to produce! The other option is to take it off the list altogether, but that might not be popular with hunters elsewhere in the world, the CIC system being international, not just for the UK.

    If you have a proposal, perhaps you would let us have it and we will put it forward for consideration.

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