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Thread: Steyr Mannlicher - 7mm08

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    Steyr Mannlicher - 7mm08

    I have for sale a Steyr Mannlicher mountain classic in 7mm08. It's fired about 200 rounds (load development on the range, followed by 2 trips to Scotland). It's threaded 1/14, comes with mounts and 30mm rings (high), 20" barrel, 5 round mag and good dark walnut. Excellent condition, 500 not inc the scope.
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    That's a stupendously good deal for a great rifle. That's the same rifle as mine, only with a shorter fore-end. If anyone is out there counting the pennies for a new rifle, buy this one! One question though: are you sure it's a five round magazine? I'm pretty sure mine only takes four, but maybe I'm not pushing hard enough.

    Why on earth are you selling it though?

    Oh, and if anyone buys this, I have a batch of test ammunition for you to go with it...

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    Thanks Pine Martin, you have me doubting the magazine capacity now, I'll get it out and count! I bought it 'cos I wanted a shorter barrel (so it was 'pointable' and Practical for the truck), And I'd read 7mm08 suited the shorter barrel well, and that's certainly been the case. I'm only selling it because I was offered a 7mm barrel for my Sauer, couldn't resist it (you know how it is) and now can't have both on my ticket...

    i found 139g SPs really worked, what did you settle on?


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    Sold - pending the usual.

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