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Thread: Shotgun hinge too tight

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    Shotgun hinge too tight

    My 20 bore is a nice wee gun but the hinge is too tight. It is showing no sign of loosening off. You have to manually open it. Had about two hundred cartridges through it but I have oiled and worked it till my arms ached. It makes reloading very slow. Any suggestions or is it down to the local gunsmith?

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    Type of gun ? Browning/Miroku can be very stiff.

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    200 is nothing to loosen off a new gun. You'll just need to shoot it more

    Seriously though, I had a Lanber from new & it took a good 5-600 shots before it loosened up

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    Franchi as I say it is lovely if it was not so tight. Used it on clays with good success but in the field it is a nightmare. You need two hands to open it. Hence it is open, then get e cartridges out. Too slow in birds are incoming.

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    You could take it to a trusted gunsmith, although as said, it could be that another few hundred cartridges through it will help.

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    You need to shoot it more also putting silicon based gun oil/grease on the hinge pin can help especially when hot.

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    De-grease it with some solvent and then apply a very light oil. It will slacken eventually with use and you will have a lovely tight gun which is a good thing! As it loosens, use a thicker oil or grease.

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    is the franchi an alcione one?

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    Depends what is stiff
    spring tension or physical fit of barrel and action

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    Personally I would take it to a decent gunsmith to get an opinion on it. You could persevere and try to "shoot it in" but you could well be in the same position 500 cartridges down the line, by that time you might well have lost patience with the gun.

    I am speaking from experience of exactly the same problem.

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