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Thread: Lock-N-Load® .224-.308 Comparator Set With 6 Bullet Inserts!

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    Lock-N-Load® .224-.308 Comparator Set With 6 Bullet Inserts!

    As above excellent condition £27 posted

    Measuring cartridge lengths across bullet tips is not a reliable or repeatable method for measuring your loaded rounds. It's common for variations of up to .025" to exist from one round to the next. Our Bullet Comparator solves that problem by measuring rounds from a reliable surface on the bullet, the ogive, to provide consistent, precise measurements of your rounds. The Bullet Comparator is also used to check uniformity of bullets from base to ogive.
    The Bullet Comparator easily attaches to the blade of your caliper with a thumbscrew and uses interchangeable inserts to measure from the bullet ogive.
    Comparator body and 6 bullet inserts for bullet diameters included: .224" (5.56mm), .243" (6mm), .257", .277", .284" (7mm), .308" (7.62&8mm).

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    FFS!!! I just bought this new (albeit with just the one comparator insert, didn't need the whole set). Balls! Great price.
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    Il take this if still going, send me payment details.

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    2nd dibs please

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    sold to sle!

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