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Thread: Need constructive advice from a head keeper

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    Need constructive advice from a head keeper

    Can anyone on here who is a head Keeper or Head Stalker or Estate manager, message me so I can ask them for a little constructive advice.

    Thanks in advance


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    on what subject?
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    job applications

    I would also be grateful for similar advice - sending plenty of CV's off but not getting anywhere!

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    I'd be happy to give some generic CV and application letter advice if it is of use. Drop me a PM to arrange.
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    Many jobs are got by who you know and not what you know. Many estates in Scotland take advantage of what is cheap labour by taking "trainees" on, when they have no intention of providing a full time job when the 2 years training is completed, instead another trainee will be taken on. This results in people gaining valuable experience but also means several dozen trainees are churned out every year to try and go for the very few jobs that come up

    This often results in 100+ applicants for a single job. I realise this may not be relevant to the original post and is more of a general observation.

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    That's exactly the situation I was in after completing my Gamekeeping course. Several estates I visited on placement and such said exactly what you mention above. Its cheaper just to turnover students and fill the posts than employ people. I applied for everything that came up usually with a sorry not this time. Eventually I got a job in Yorkshire as Park Ranger and Deer keeper on the Wentworth Estate with great terms and conditions and a house.

    Its really competitive but you have to just keep going at it and network with everyone and anyone you think might open a door. I still have some good friends who are great lads and very able looking for work and struggling. Take every opportunity to learn new skills and keep at it. Good luck to those searching.

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    There's two things about getting in to keepering getting your first job and if you have been out of it for while. It's all about who knows you and your reputation. Most headkeepers will be keeping watchful eye on promising young keepers they will be looking to offer a job to he vacancy arises as they already know what there like. For everyone starting off you need some good references and experience. This is what I look for when hiring along with a passion and drive.
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