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Thread: DPT Ultralight Mod Northallerton Shooting

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    DPT Ultralight Mod Northallerton Shooting

    I bought 2 DPT ultralight Mods today, one for my Tikka 243 (heavy barrel) and the other for a Sako A7 308 which I bought at the same time from Northallerton Shooting.

    I had a T8 mod on the Tikka before this and as you can imagine it was very heavy and unbalanced hence the buying of the ultralight.
    My concern was that that the noise suppression would not be on a par with the T8. Well this afternoon I shot the tikka with the new mod and felt there was little difference between the T8 and the DPT if any. My test was hardly scientific as I did not have the T8 at the same time (exchanged one for one) however very impressed.

    I also shot the 308 with the new DPT mod and was again impressed but again hardly scientific as this was my first experience of shooting a 308.

    As an aside this is the second time I have bought a rifle from Northallerton Shooting and found them to be very good, knowledgeable competitive on price. An all round good service.


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    How do these compare to the PES moderators?

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    Can't help as I have no knowledge of PES however with the DPT if you are not happy with the sound suppression then you can add or remove baffles......................I am more than happy with the DPT in that respect and the important thing for me is the weight 260g.

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