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Thread: new shotgun

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    new shotgun

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I went down to glenluce gunroom ( Gunroom of here ) to look at a miroku which turned out to be out on loan so i had a good look at the other guns and this Browning Liege Trap caught my eye and ended up coming home with me
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    Nice! Is that colour hardening on the action or is is just blacked? Can't go wrong with a Browning

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    Its a blackened finish
    The woodwork is like new and metal work is 99%
    I cant wait to get out with it

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    Don't know
    Excuse my ignorance but whats an A1 model

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    Could easy be wrong, but I had a Liege, a 28" game version. I was informed they are a B26, a sort of budget Browning in comparison to the B25, plain black action, but in every way a Browning. I loved mine but wanted something more suitable for throwing more cartridges through at clays, and couldn't afford to keep it at the time. Lovely gun.

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    Aye, after private discussion, it's not and A1 right enough. Still be a good enough gun though. Are they made in Japan, despite "Liege" in the name?
    Dont worry about us geeks Scoop, Browning made/make a range of guns. The B25 model has a zillion variations, starting, I think, with A1 and soaring off up the alphabet and abacus!!
    You have fun.

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    If its a true Belgian gun that splits in two not three parts the model number will be roughly stamped on the action below where the long locating lug locates.

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    Think B26 was Belgium made.

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    made in belgium
    There are the usual proof mark stamps and a few other stamps scattered around various places
    There is one unusual number on it 5911 electrically scribed

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