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Thread: Rat shooting

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    Rat shooting

    We have a serious rat problem in our shoot store which is an old farm building and I would like a reasonably cheap set up to shoot them at night with my air rifle, would something like the NM800 work or would the light put them off? If it would not work would would you recommend? Something that I can also use on my rim fires and centre fires would be an advantage but I can't justify spending lots of money for the limited use it would get.



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    Have a look on you can build your own budget nightvision if you are handy. You could try a lamp, or is it possible to leave a fairly dim light on in there so you can see well enough to shoot? But not bright enough to put the rats off? You could also try fenn traps suitably set.

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    A NM400 with a red pill in it will do that

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    Leave a dim light on for a few days.Rat's are wary of new things.A couple of days they will be used to it.

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    If no nv use a garden solar powered lighter next to a bait point and they will soon get used to it. If you have a real problem then use tunnel traps as well.


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    Plinking them certainly is fun but not a great way to get rid of them. Poison stations are the way to eradicate the problem.

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    Agree but it is good fun, some while ago waiting for a fox on our chicken farm we watched a stream of rats coming out from underneath a concrete slab and into the large chicken house, they stand out very well with a thermal, if we had the air rifle and a dim light we would have got alot. However I do agree baiting is the only sure way then set tunnel traps to catch any newcomers.


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