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Thread: Little Acorn 5310WM IR 940NM MMS GPRS

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    Little Acorn 5310WM IR 940NM MMS GPRS

    Anyone got experience of a Little Acorn with MMS good or bad.


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    Try the chasing game forums, it is USA based but these people take their trail cameras really, really, seriously: discussion forum Index page
    For self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis please visit:

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    I had the normal Ltl Acorn trailcam without text capabilities for about four years. It was in constant use and I was very happy with it. Apparently there are quite a lot of counterfeit Ltl Acorns about so I would only buy from a reputable source.

    I can see the text thing being useful if you are using it as a security device but for wildlife photography, are you sure you want to get woken up every five minutes and charged 60p to get another photo of a rat!

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    I'm happy with mine. then again i love to collect photos of inquisitive pigeons.

    Does its job well and with lithium batteries lasts for ages.

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    Hi how much does it cost per photo to be sent to your phone

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    depends on what simcard you shove in the machine. They're unlocked so go and find the best one for reception in your area. Charged as an MMS i believe

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    Try this guy as he knows everything about Little Acorn trail cameras.

    Ron Bury's Wildlife: New Ltl Acorn 5310 series cameras - Standard and wide angle lenses compared

    You can also contact him on Skype and he will sit and talk with you.

    Another link for supplier who also recommend Ron

    Ltl Acorn 5310WMG Wildlife Camera Trap --- Pakatak - Spy Camera, Hidden Camera, Wireless Camera: Security Cameras UK
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