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Thread: Recommended Car Seat Covers?

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    Recommended Car Seat Covers?

    Can anyone please recommend (or not recommend!) one of the plethora of car seat cover companies.

    Looking for some for my 2007 X Trail, no one seems to do them specifically for that, but the standard ones from UK Covers, TC Covers etc all say they fit.

    Oh, I have side airbags too, so will need to make sure they are suitable for them.


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    Some coming up at Aldi

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    Think I have tough gear from scats/ mole valley farmers , have had them 7 yrs brilliant

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    Perhaps you might have a look at Titan Covers. I'm pleased with the seat covers I bought from them.

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    I can highly recommend turtle covers, excellent fit and made specifically for your model of car, brilliant and not over the top expensive
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    Melvill and Moon are quality but that reflects in the price

    They do however fit properly and not fit where they touch like most of the other manufacturers (and are airbag compatible)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somerset View Post
    Perhaps you might have a look at Titan Covers. I'm pleased with the seat covers I bought from them.

    I second this.

    Tough as old boots, waterproof, made for use with side airbags.

    I have fronts, rears and boot liner for my Yeti.


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    What are these covers manufacturers recommend when it comes to heated seats, mine say not to be used.
    This means the Mrs has to have a cold arse for a while.

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    Ordered mine from Country Covers at the deer Stalking fair at Newark. Specially made to fit your car, good quality and openings for air bags. Not cheap but they do fit well and good quality.

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    Sorted, thanks guys.

    Have gone with Titan covers after several recommendations. The budget didn't stretch to Melvill and Moon and Country Covers weren't quite what I was looking for.

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