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Thread: Variations in magnifacation

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    Variations in magnifacation

    Having recently put a Luepold VXL 4.5-14 on my new 30.06 i leave it set around 7-8 when out stalking, spotted a few roe with my 8x binos and when i've put my scope on them i thought they didn't appear so magnified through the scope.Yesterday i had to check my zero on it and also took along my .243 that wears a 2.5-10 S&B Zenith to try out some new loads,any way had the S&B set on 10 and the Leupy on 10 the difference in mag between the two was startling,i screwed the Leupy upto 14 and even then i dont think it was quite as much mag as the S&B on 10.Anyboby else noticed differeces like this, do the Americans measure differently to the Europeans when it comes to magnification,i just can't see why there should be so much difference,or have i got a duff scope, it functions fine on the zoom so i can't see that there could be anything wrong with it.

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    Your S&B is four times magnification, the Leupold only three.


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    some scopes have adjustments on the rear(diopter ring)undo the locking ring on your leup and try and wind it out, the magnification should be greater as you screw it out,but be aware that the focus will be affected.If you have a side focus wheel then you can compensate with it..
    you could be as much as 30% less mag if it is screwed in to much..


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    Cheers Griff i'll give it a go, i think i adjusted it when i got it for my eye focus it hasn't got side focus though just paralax adjustment.
    Smullery sorry i don't understand, do you mean there is a difference between the two scopes in the way they magnify.
    Cheers Neil

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    Griff just tried it and yes the mag goes up but the recticle just goes all fuzzy,it appears to be set right for my eye.

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    HI mate

    You will find that there are distinct differences in magnification not only between American and European scopes....but also between bino's and scopes of the same magnification!!

    I have had dozens of different scopes of both American and european manufacture over the years, and all have been different in their mag range. The European ones tend to magnify more then the American ones...usually by one as previously pointed out, so a Yank 6 usually equates to a europe 7-7.5. Don't ask me why 'cos i haven't a clue!!!!
    Bino's usually go the same way.....scope 8x (swarovski and Docter) equates to the 7x on my ziess binos.
    Just for the record, you may even notice a distinct difference in the scope positioning with regards to eye relief with yank and european scopes!....with the europeans being less critical which allows for easier rifle mounting in different shooting positions (hence british snipers use s&b scopes as opposed to leupolds).


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    Whilst it may state that it is x10 you are not starting from 1. On a variable mag scope divide the largest mag setting by the smallest. This gives the true range of magnification. So, on a 2.5 - 10 Scope an object will appear 4 times larger on maximum mag than on minimum.


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    Thanks Steve i'm glad its not just me then thought i was going dolally to start with,not a lover of the Leupold anyway to be honest its on there as a temporary measure till i get something else sorted i robbed it off my .17hmr just to get it going so won't have to live with it to much longer i hope.
    Stan i think i see where your coming from with that,i always thought that 8x meant that it actually looked 8x bigger than it did with the naked eye,learn something new everyday,thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnraider View Post
    I always thought that 8x meant that it actually looked 8x bigger than it did with the naked eye.
    So did I.

    It does, doesn't it?
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    The optics can only magnify the fixed volume of light reflected by an object "as it arrives on the objective lens". This has no relation to the term naked eye. A fixed magnification will indeed magnify by that so say you have x8 Binos then the "spot of light" will be magnified x 8. Doesn't mean that it will appear eight times larger than without the binos.

    Using a variable optic 2.5 - 10 means the "spot of light" will only be 4 times larger on max than on min.

    The larger the difference between min & max the more steps of magnification you have and thus the appearance of the object size increasing for the same twist on the variation.


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