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Thread: 30mm Burris Zee Signature rings

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    30mm Burris Zee Signature rings

    I am after a pair of High 30 mm Burris Signature Zee rings (Burris 420587) complete with plastic inserts, if anybody has a pair to sell please contact me. Failing this may have to resort to ordering from USA.


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    Try JJK Shooting Supplies on E Bay ,I have used them a lot for Ruger bits and Burris components...

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    +1 for JJK been using them for a good few years now & never let me down - they have an eBay shop with free delivery.

    Alternatively you could try as they show them as being in stock at the moment.

    Excellent rings.

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    Just bought a set off evilbay, they came from HongKong but were being sold by a vendor in Germany/UK. Easy enough to find.
    Just FYI they are now made in China. IMHO are not quite as good as the US made older product. I thought they were cheap chinese knock offs but apparently not- they outsource manufacture now to China....
    in mounting and use they work, just not as nicely finshed as they used to be.

    Not sure I want to paying full price for them anymore.....

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