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Thread: sako 75 scope rings!

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    sako 75 scope rings!

    Looking for a set of sako 75 optilock rings and bases 30mm, blue and low please,may consider any other mounts and rings for the same rifle,many thanks!

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    What action size?
    Sako 75 6.5x55mm - Z6i 3-18x50. Sako P94S .22lr
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    I've got a blued set of 1" low for a Sako 75 243 (action III) that are surplus to requirements as I only use the extra-low now. I usually wear the scope as far forward as it can go as I have a long neck & arms & I could probably fit a 50mm on the extra low & I'm sure one would fit on the low. I only have 42mm scopes.

    I snapped this image as I was getting a slip made so here's what the the height for the extra low with a 1" S&B 6x42 looks like.

    Attachment 52413

    Added; meant to say that it's the bases & rings.
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    I've a set of stainless 30mm high? (10mm from the bottom of the ring to the base) with the mounts as well , from an action 1 (223) but I think they fit all actions.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Forgot to mention its a 308 (action III)

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    .308 would be short mounts

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    Hi, I have some Optilock short blue bases (S1700956) & 30mm Medium blue rings (S1300964) new still in the packs. £75 posted (both).
    Also Leupold RingMount Sako 30mm medium Matte (51036) & same but High (51037) again new in packs, £45 each posted.
    As you say you would like low 30mm Optilock rings, this would fit scopes with an objective bell with an outside dia from 59mm-67mm.
    The med rings are for outside dia of 67mm-75mm.
    Depending on your barrel profile & scope being fitted, the Leupolds may be the better option, although Optilocks have it on overall quality.
    Hope this was of some help.
    Atb Bruce

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