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Thread: Rewarding walk in the snow.

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    Rewarding walk in the snow.

    I've just got back in from a couple of hours steady walk on one of my permissions. The majority of the land is still covered with snow (Up to a foot deep in some places) so it was the ideal time to check on what is moving on the land. I took the .270 in case any foxes were about and on the prowl but no shot was fired - This particular farmer hates foxes with a passion!
    However I am really happy that I made the decision to go to this particular permission as the last time I was there in the snow (A couple of weeks back) I saw what I thought were some deer slots, but i could not be 100% sure. Today I came across fresh deer slots (Plus several fresh sets of tracks from foxes). It looks as if there are about 6 or 7 different animals that have crossed the permission in the snow. There has been a few occasional deer spotted crossing the land in the past, but not with any regularity but now it does seem that they are here on a fairly regular basis recently. I chatted to the land owner about this when I got back to the farm house and he confirmed that he had been seeing roe deer towards the top end of the farm recently and confirmed that if I wanted to shoot a couple of them I was more than welcome to do so with his blessing, and if I did shoot any I could use one of the small tractors to recover the carcasses - Maybe just as well as it could be something like a half to three quarters of a mile drag otherwise!
    It looks like I am going to have to be more vigilant, particularly while this winter weather is with us and get out there just before first light so that I can have a go at putting some fresh venison in the freezer for myself and for some of my elderly neighbours.
    I only took my small cheap pocket camera with me (A free gift I got when I took out a funeral plan with) so the photos are not top quality. However they do show how much snow there is lingering in our "neck of the woods" and what a peasant day it was for a walk in glorious sunshine! All in all a GREAT DAY with the chance of a fresh challenge!
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    looks like a great walk turned out ok,nice one doug,

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    Sounds like you are well set with the farmer fb.
    I bet it's bloody cold there when an east or north wind blows.
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    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Quote Originally Posted by private fraser View Post
    Sounds like you are well set with the farmer there fb.
    I bet it's bloody cold there when an east or north wind blows.
    Both this farmer and his cousin who owns landthat I shoot on are both goos and personal friends. If I don't get a chance to get out and see them for a fortnight or so they are often on the phone to me just to ask if I am OK!
    As for the wind, yes it can get bitterly cold, especially for a nights lamping! Even so I feel blessed to have permissions and friends like these!

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