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    Evening all,just like to say a big thank you to Teyhan (Glyn) for a great weekend stalking.Manage to bag my first muntjack,a nice old buck with a thick neck and plenty of battle scars which was followed swiftly with a doe.
    Seen plenty of other muntjack but could not get a shot off,one bit of woodland also produced 7 woodcock in about 50m of thick holly bushes.
    In between stalking Glynn took me to other pieces of land for a check on roe numbers and seen a nice young group of 6 roe on a small field.
    That evening we set up for the last hour looking for roe but nothing appeared on our side but a quick walk to the bottom of the field and a glance over a neighbouring farm saw a small group of 5/6 making their way to the wood where we had been waiting on the other side, but light had gone .
    All in all a great weekend again with Glynn,plenty of wildlife watching and shooting.
    cheers m8.
    Ps also saw a roe buck in velvet with an antler growing out the side of its head but he seemed perfectly happy.
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    That malform is high on my list mate.
    There's only so many six pointers that you can shoot.
    It was a good shot and the track after was eventful too.
    And if we were really firing on all cylinders we could've ended up with a lot more.
    Remember the two munties by the tennis court too. Sadly just too late for them.
    The munty we spooked in the woodcock patch with the two Roe.
    The track we found alongside the brook and almost immediately after the munty doe at the girls school tennis court.
    So many little time.
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    sounds like a cracking trip out ,if ever I am down your way I will give you a call if you take clients out , atb Arron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arron View Post
    sounds like a cracking trip out ,if ever I am down your way I will give you a call if you take clients out , atb Arron.
    Can highly recommend Teyhan,going to book in with him for some stalking down Dorset way next.

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