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Thread: Trophy size Goats?

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    Trophy size Goats?

    Hi, Guys - I was over on the west coast yesterday and shot a couple of Goats. They seem quite big to me, but can anyone tell me if they are decent or not ( they stink to high heaven!) How big do they need to be to score a medal? Thanks, Bill.

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    A couple of big goats you got there, what calibre did you shoot them with.

    Atb Matt

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    I shoot a fair number each year Bill , its been a while since i saw any as big as that
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    Hi, Colin - I feel they are decent sized and I only ask as I know some Golds were shot quite near. Bill.

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    Very good size if you ask me, bet you could smell em a mile away, glad it's not your Ruger in the snow..

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    That will definatly make a gold, shot a Silver last year a lot smaller than that well done, worth mounting.


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    Bill this is a post from 2012 by stag1933 it sort of explains it..

    Trophy measurement is more complex than stated above as circumference of the horns is also measured at their base, 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters.

    Each individual measurement of the right horn and left horn including length are compared with each other and variations are placed in a `difference` column.
    All the right and left horn figures are added together and the `difference` is subtacted and finally the greatest spread is added for the true score.
    Medal award levels are Bronze 250, Silver 300 and Gold at 350. [ Measurements are in c/m. ]

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    Big bad Bill, I shot a big gold medal in Ireland, and without going and having a look at it to check, I don't reckon it's as big as the one on the right. So I hate you!!!!!
    They are both crackers. Get them cleaned up and measured. There isn't any drying time required as its only the horns they measure.
    Jealous, jealous, jealous.
    Well done.

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    Cracking beasts them mate. They gotta be gold. You're gonna need a bigger wall!!

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