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Thread: .22LR Ruger 10/22 with Moderator

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    .22LR Ruger 10/22 with Moderator

    Im having a cabinet clearout..
    For sale -
    1 x 2012 Ruger 10/22
    1" Fluted 15 3/4" Green Mountain Target Barrel with 6.5" Custom flush fit Moderator (1/2" x 20 UNF screwcut)
    Also with spare standard sporter screwcut barrel
    Fitted Hogue Target Stock
    Tuned trigger (lightened)
    Will come with bipod and gunbag.

    Also comes with 2 x Ruger plastic stocks
    1 x 10round ruger mag
    1 x 25 round ruger bx25 beanie mag

    This rig has done very little and the previous owner has spent a load on the custom Green Mountain barrel and other mods
    Ideal club rifle or for those who do practical mini UKPSA mini rifle competitions.
    The rifle is at my RFD the now ready for a transfer if interested.

    Looking for 500 for the lot, but will take offers.
    Email James on or text/phone 07825 443295
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    Do you know the approx weight please ??

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    Its around the 7lb mark but I'll weigh it the night when I get home.
    I forgot to mention the trigger breaks around the 2.5lb area and it has the mandatory
    Autobolt release fitted for one finger cocking n decocking.

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    Is it a reworked factory trigger ? Also have you any idea what the internals are standard, polished or custom

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    The last owner polished the bolt internals so things ran nice and sweetly. As for the trigger its just lighter springs that have been fitted. Again by the last owner. I bought the rifle after he built it up as he stopped shooting..
    The wee ruger really does run like a swiss watch and its never failed to fire any round that I've fed it.
    I just kept the internals clean. You have to on rimfire semi auto rifles as my LBP .22 pistol needs cleaning after running subs through it.
    That thing just loves HV CCI ammo.

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