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Thread: .308 for sale

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    .308 for sale

    Hello Guys

    clearing out the unused rifle s in the cabinet

    I have a lovely Parker Hale 1200 super clip in .308 just sat there gathering dust

    as most people will know the Parker Hales were made using either milsurp Mauser M98 actions or Santa Barbara 98 actions this one has the Santa Barbara Action a lot of people in the know regard this action as the better stronger action as it wasn't machined with the thumb recess on the left hand side and the slot in the top where the Germans used to feed there stripper clips into the magazine.

    The stock is a very nice piece of walnut smooth as a babies butt being a few years old its got a few minor character marks in the wood, nothing a new owner couldn't remove probably with the air of a warm iron and a damp cloth.

    The barrel hasn't seen any use at all in the last four years, the rifling is clean and very crisp, the bolt action is silky smooth and is a polished finish, the barrel etc is all blued which is in very good condition, also the barrel is screwcut 1/2" unf

    The drop magazine is very useful when out in the field as you can drop the ammo and magazine without it ending up in the grass, the magazine is a new one about four years old so not falling apart.

    this rifle has an adjustable trigger and has the lightweight stalking barrel, all in all a superb stalking rifle.

    Pm me and email address if you would like photo's, you won't be disappointed with this rifle, deadly accurate rifles

    looking for 350 ono

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    Hi some pic's please!

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    PM 'd you. Interested in a reply?

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    Price reduced for a quick sale 250 bargain

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    Hi, does this come with mounts and rings? Many, Thanks Tim.

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    Hi sorry about delay with reply no it's just the rifle only


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    I'll try and put pics on here tonight they never seem to work for me easier to send via email


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    Photos emailed as requested


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