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Thread: Hunters cabin gun shop

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    Hunters cabin gun shop

    Hi lads and ladys i managed to get over to meet steve at the shop on friday with a couple of other members off the site great bloke if anyone is after any kit i would stongly advise you give him a ring he had some geat deals in the shop and is happy to try and match any other shops prices he is getting all the swaro scopes and kit in very soon .


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    hi there
    was nice to meet up with you and the other lads.
    hope you got down to argyle ok.
    Did you manage to get the .308 zeroed on saturday (hopefullly without the slight breeze we had )


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    Hi steve we got there ok thanks and the new scope was great he shoot his frist roe doe with it on sunday he loves it ,can't wait till i am next up i will be over to play with the swaro goodies


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    Think the swaro gear should be here in a couple of days all being well

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    perhaps if im a good boy trev will bring me and mumbles along for a look see if you cant shoot next best place to be a well stocked gun shop and mumbles well stocked wallet

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    got to say fair play to steve (hunter's cabin ) stopped his work and let us play with all the scopes in the shop and when 50/50 bought his zeiss off him he let us zero it on his land even came out and spotted for us a real gentleman and i will be intouch about that meopta

    cheers chris

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    swarovski order arrived today mixture of scopes and binos ,will get prices sorted out and posted up


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    roll on my next visit need some new binos


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    Had a quick look through the 10x42 binos

    amazing how good the visability is

    hopefully be able to take cards when you come up next .


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    what sort of price are these binos its ok im sitting down

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