Well we have been using the above for 13+ months and its been a superb tool. Last night was the first time we have had the opportunity to use it in seriously cold conditions, well below zero and clear as a bell, also very good atmospheric conditions with the cold clean northerly air flow.

We were both taken aback by the clarity and range we were seeing stuff at last night. We were watching patridges bedded down woodcock were very visible. Spotting rabbits at rediculous ranges at least 600+ yds. Foxs were standing out well and so were small rodents. A barn owl perched on a post at 50 yds was quite impressive.

It really is a superb bit of kit for locating potential quarry and then when we are shooting keeping an eye on whats going on. As a result another 4 foxs were dispatched last night, we saw probably 9 much to our suprise. We had two together, one shot other moved away and then stopped, had it been on the lamp no chance and also would not been aware of it without the thermal, it was unaware of where the initial shot came from, sadly due to a technical error it escaped, but sometimes it happens.

Also we had the old NV out NV mum was very bright and also a look through a photon with 2x doubler which gave a remarkably good sight picture, mind you it was very bright under the moon. Anyway the DP is still the benchmark.

Got to say if your into serious fox control the thermal and DP is the way foreward.