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Thread: How many errors?!!

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    How many errors?!!

    Whichever BBC journo wrote this really needs a rocket up their ar*e!

    Simply NO research whatsoever!

    BBC News - Reading Muntjac deer attacks prompt dog warning

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    Yep...we all know that it was in fact a flock of muntjac sows with gills and trotters that were circling in their designated pack structure, a habit they have brought over from ther native North Pole habitat when they were introduced to this country in 1998.
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    Roe muntjac could you use a .22CF on that then since it's half muntjac!

    The bucks must be be particularly impressive. Such a small beast with elk antlers!

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    Are you kidding?
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    Typical BBC! It shows just how well their reporters are educated (Or not) where "Country Matters" are concerned. Not to worry though, they do say that you should never let anything get in the way of a good story!

    It comes after several roe Muntjac deer were found dismembered in Reading Old Cemetery. Oh dear (No pun intended) does this mean that the Munties are cross breeding with the roe deer? It should be interesting to see just how they manage that (Maybe the Muntie Stag uses a set of step ladders to mount the roe doe) and if this will bring about a "Closed Season" for Roe/Muntie crosses, plus of course whatever are the young they are turning out looking like!

    Since then fatal attacks only three stags have been seen. Come on, someone help me out here please - STAGS? Maybe they now saying that male Muntjac and male Roe Deer have beed recatagorised as STAGS, or are they saying that these "fatal attacks" involve yet another breed of deer that are living in the cemetry? One also has to wonder if these people who have seen "only three stags" have got the slightest idea what a stag actually looks like?
    I think I need to go and lie down while I puzzle this one out! - With all of this cross breeding it certainly looks like the DSC courses are going to have to be changed somewhat!

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    I can't say that the BBC report is any more inaccurate than the IW Biodiversity Partnership's position statement on deer on the Isle of Wight!

    atb Tim

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    It wasn't too long ago that reports by the BBC were taken as true and could be trusted, sadly these standards have long since disappeared and this ridiculously poor report is sadly not unusual in today's BBC.

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    a simple phone call to the BDS or BASC would have saved them a lot of embarrassment ?
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    why let the truth get in the way of a non story ,Biased Bunch of Communists.more left wing than chairman Mao

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    Who says they know what embarrassment is?
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