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Thread: B-type boots - Haix - Meindl

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    B-type boots - Haix - Meindl

    The last 2 weeks I have done a few shops to find a suitable pair of boots. I would like them about 8 to 8.5 inch high , flexible , leather gore tex boot, if possible rubber protective rand. Maximum a B type boot. A boot like the Meindl Island Pro is far to stiff. The Harkila Mountain trek GTX 8 inch is about perfect, but didn't suit my foot. The most comfy boot I tried was the Meindl Softline men GTX. This boot really pleases me, but would like him a bit higher. I can't find a Meindl Vakuum GTX in a shop. This seems OK on paper.
    In a shop I saw a Haix Colorado wich looked very nice but the size was to small. I tried another model in my size but this was to narrow. The only colorado's available are in Germany-Austria over the internet. I probably looked on every website to find the type of boot I would like.
    Who can advice me a boot that suits my needs?

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    B type indeed, but slightly high. perfect hill boot in my opinion. I want him for daily use, takes to long to put on and off. Wife doesn't like it when I walk into the kitchen with muddy boots to get a cup of koffee.
    Needs to be OK for driving the car.

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    Have you looked at Altberg Boots....they have loads of styles all in 3 width fittings.
    I've had a pair of Field and Fell for 15 years and they're still waterproof and really comfy.
    Sole is quite stiff but still ok for driving.
    Boots can be sent back to the factory for a re-sole and full re-furb for about 45.
    Regards, Rob.

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    Look on e bay, there's a seller doing gauche and Han bag also altberg as new for 40 quid, not copies either.

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    I had a look at Altberg on a few occasions. No shop here that stocks them. Buying a boot on the net is always difficult. Size is not the only thing to consider. Some boots feel OK, others don't. I very much like the Bergen from Altberg ( perfect height ) and the tabbing boot and the Aqua Sneeker. I think they have the good softness. If I am ever again close by the Altberg company, I certainly pop in and see to buy a good pair of boots.

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    Hi Hales......

    I've got a couple of pairs of the Aqua Sneeker boots as well as the field and fell. Don't think you'll be disappointed with them....lightweight and waterproof and very comfortable out of the box...for me at least. Bought a pair for her indoors as well and first time out she walked 6 miles in them with no blisters or pain at all.
    Pity there is no retailer near to you....we bought the last pair from the factory via a phone call....they will fully refund your purchase if you're not happy with the fit as long as they haven't been worn outdoors....but you'll have to pay the return postage.
    By the way I don't work for Altberg.....I just really like their product...been wearing them for nearly 20 years as a duty boot.
    Regards, Rob.
    P.S. PM me if you want more details.

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