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    What do you all use to clean down the chiller walls use my fridge constantly throughout the game season
    tried steam cleaner not doing a really good job


    hope this is in right place if not delete

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    We use bactodetsan larder disinfectant . I think it is the stuff the "quality assured " people recommend . It comes in 5 litre tubs , is fairly strong (you just need a splash) and costs about 20 . You can get them from bushwear and various other places.

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    Hi Andy
    I recall reading somewhere that 'Milton' (stuff for sterilising baby feeding implements) can be used...........

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    I use Dettol unscented antibacterial cleaner for all my surfaces
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    Milton safe for babys safe for food and cheaper then the butchers stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    Milton safe for babys safe for food and cheaper then the butchers stuff.
    And good to put on the green mould that you sometimes get growing on your soft top vehicle...

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    Try StarSan. It is used in restaurant kitchens etc. safe for human consumption. I got onto it when homebrew inn wine and beer. Never had a bad batch through contamination and you have to be super clean when brewing.

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    many thanks for all your help / suggestions


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