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Thread: Woodland stalking in Scotland with Gadget

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    Woodland stalking in Scotland with Gadget

    Hey all,

    Back from Scotland, after a weekends woodland stalking, with Mr Gadget and Mr Widows Son. Just wanted to say what a great crack it was and really appreciate the time and effort they put into getting a relative novice like me, up to speed on some of the finer points of woodland stalking. Welsh Chris is a pretty cool customer and managed to bag two roe in style, but as the boys now know, I never do things the easy way!!

    Really looking forward to my next outing with the lads. Anyone out there really wanting to learn the ins and outs of woodland stalking, could do a lot worse than going out with this pair of pros. Bit of advice. Leave your ego at home and don't take yourself too seriously. Ps: Know it alls should not apply.


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    Are the pictures of the ground down in argyl

    looks very nice stalking


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    Hey Steve,

    Yep they are Argyle and thanks for the Zeiss scope. Money on its way tomorrow.



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    Paul they tell us you needed more than a Zeiss scope to see on the Sunday morning how's the hangover Brenda was at Ikea buying new dishes .lol

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    Hi paul aka chuckers glad you had a great time and glad you got your roe you wanted chris123 aka the fish how drunk the bar dry and chuckers tryed to keep up big mistake (malt go's down well) after the collie bit him and his broken cup and a cuddle with the toilet he still managed to be up and about by 6am so well done that man next time drink with me not a mad welsh man . And i would like to thank chris for keeping me on the road all weekend and awake all the way home as my normal co driver adamant aka could not get away for this trip can't wait for the next tour lads .

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    Aye but 50/50 was doing more stalking than that. Tongue was hanging out when he saw Brenada's daughter. He was in there quick as a flash. You must be Brenda's son and daughter. No son and girlfriend. OOPs a haste kiwi retreat was in order. Brenda's son would be very handy if you had a big stag to drag out. BIG LAD.
    Great to meet up guys and hope to see you again soon,

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    well thanks for a great weekend brilliant location great company and learned a lot especially that kiwi's can't drink and spend a long time talking to god on the big white phone sorry about your gears trev but got home in the end looking forward to the next trip, fair play to chucker he did do well to get up all the best guys see you soon

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    great to meet you jim will let you know when we are up again mate if you would of seen him kissing the girls go night in the pub well lets just say


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    Sounds like you boys had a good trip north of the the sounds of things there was more drinking than stalking involved???

    Glad to hear that a stinking hangover wasn't enough to stop you getting out though.

    Well done all, what did you guys manage to get in the end...other than a couple of roe and some sore heads??


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    Good question, the stalking was a bonus, the drinking was an optional extra. It was a meetup with Widows Son forming a fresh syndicate to cover that forest. We have got a syndicate in spectacular ground. Remember the majority of the time was a woodland walk looking over the ground yakking. Considering th FC leases we got a winner,

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