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Thread: Chiruca boots ?

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    Chiruca boots ?

    Many years ago I bought a pair of Chiruca Pointer boots as every day boots. Very pleased with them.

    How are Chiruca boots from more recent origin ? The Canada Force looks intresting. Somebody experience with them?

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    We stock the boa boots and two of us have them for personal use - there was a slight issue with squeaking but a little grease sorted this out. They seem warm, water proof, comfortable, and durable.
    Raker Ltd

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    I have used a pair of pointers for the last ten years. My best investment ever. As I don't find my taste in a german boot ( medium height + a reasonable soft sole ) I have a look at Chiruca again. Very cheap and they never let me down. Comfortable, waterproof and warm. For a tiny looking boot, like the pointer, hard to believe. I must say that on top of my usual socks I use a pair of Aigle fleece boot socks in them in winter. I am not sold on that boa system, but the model Canada Force looks very nice and hopefully not as stiff as most German boots.

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