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Thread: ticks !

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    ticks !

    just a quick word of warning lads ,

    ive just picked 2 ticks off the dog and 1 off me after this evenings outing , so keep your eyes peeled !

    cheers lee

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    Blimey thats early i thought all this frost we have had would have killed them off.
    I shot two last years doe kids that had been pushed out over weekend with no sign of any ticks
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    just got back from west scotland had two stuck to me


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    here in scotland i have taken about a 1/2 dozen ticks out of the dogs during the coldest winter for years

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    Not had any here in West Fife usually hoaching with them, must admit hoping the cold weather had killed a lot of ......


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    do ticks hurt dogs here? What about humans? In Aus you get paralysis ticks which kills dogs and children, but I thought here the only danger was Lime's desease?

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    It has to be really cold to kill ticks, most simply go inactive under 5C. Ticks are amazing creatures...they can live up to 30 years and go 3-5 years between feeds. They filter they blood, taking the solid bits out and passing the liquid bits back in...and there lies the risk of Lymes disease. More so if you try to remove them with alcohol or they throw up to aid backing out at speed. Their saliva forms a type of cement tp bind them the subject which, like cement, is easier to break by twisting/rotating rather than pulling straight (which leaves the head in the subject). Just a few facts I found out when dealing with them often in Cumbria.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harrygrey382 View Post
    do ticks hurt dogs here? What about humans? In Aus you get paralysis ticks which kills dogs and children, but I thought here the only danger was Lime's disease?
    World wide there are many tick Borne diseases, in the UK you have Louping ILL attacks the central nervous system
    usually affects animals but can affect humans.

    TBE a neurological disease [ don't know much about it]

    Babesiosis a disease that attacks the red blood cells

    Ehrlichiosis a disease that attacks white blood cells

    Lyme disease

    Those are the ones that I know of there may well be others.

    Lyme disease is the only one that I know much about having contracted it in 1996 however made a full recovery , but not everyone is as lucky.

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    I just did the rounds of the estates this afternoon to pick up some bodies & have had to get the misses to do the 1st "antiticactomy" of the season on my lower leg-much to the ammusement of the kids

    Nasty little bugger, its bloody early but I am sure there will be many more!

    Regs Lee

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    Some fifteen years ago I had one of the last Jack Russels we owned, I removed a tick from his ear flap & dropped it in a pint glass of tap water, It was still alive ten days later when I gave it a permanent headache, Hows that for breatholding?
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