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Thread: public consultation on a licensing system for killing salmon in scotland

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    public consultation on a licensing system for killing salmon in scotland

    Details on the consultation and information on how you can make your view known can be found at:

    Any enquiries please direct them to:

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    Another example of unwanted political interference. I can only speak of Tweed where administration, protection and research are funded by a levy on fish caught. Therefore the most prolific and most expensive beats catch the most fish pay the most levy charge the highest rent. Now there is talk of rod licenses, civil servants and politicians involved which spells expense and disaster in my book.


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    The SNP scottish government employs 50% of the Scottish population so they have invent yet more things for all their employees to do.

    Did if you know that for all our children, from the end of March, there will be a state appointed "responsible adult" to ensure that we are all brining up our children correctly and so when we employ them at the weekends as beaters - they fit perfectly under brambles, or in the workshop - small hands are ideal for reaching under the boat engine to get back that important bolt you have dropped, or making "African chocolate" (as my five year old once explained to her primary teacher - first daddy shoots a deer, then we chop it into long thin strips and dry it), or as one member of this erstwhile site has done, post a picture on face book of his two month old son in a large cooking pot, the responsible adult will be pointing out the error of our ways.

    I suppose its it's a modern world problem!
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    I'll have you know that was a HSE approved hygenic sterilisable stainless steel portable paddling pool...

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    A socialist has no bigger fear than that there might be someone, somewhere, out there enjoying themselves whilst avoiding regulation.

    As I understand it most of the big problems facing salmon are happening at sea and in Scotland there is at least 80% C&R on rod caught salmon. Maybe we can't say anything about what happens at sea because it might annoy our mates in the EU so, instead, we are going to build a whole bureaucracy around annoying people who until now were minding their own business and doing their bit for conservation. Of course in the SNP socialist state there is no such thing as minding your own business because the state has to be in there minding it for you.
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    Bit of a waste of time really as they have a track record of ignoring consultation completely....witness The Hunting Act, Air Weapon legislation etc. A classic example of an administration....both labour and SNP... abusing their majority.

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    yes it reads like a done job, little mention of wild fish passing caged fish with there heads about eaten off with lice and the tons of peroxide dumped into the water in a effort to kill the lice ,when all they can hope to do is thin the huge lice burden out , lice that have become resistant to the other methods,

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