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Thread: STALKING MAGAZINE , 1988 to 2003.

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    STALKING MAGAZINE , 1988 to 2003.

    I have all copies in immaculate condition in the red hardback covers sold by the publisher .
    I think there are 168 copies in total .
    This is a unique offer and I will accept bids for them in one lot . I will not split them up .


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    H, you are right, this is a unique offer and difficult to value. I'm sure you know David Grayling, he may be able to advise. I would like to be the first in with an offer of 100, if you think that this is acceptable then I would be happy to pay now and collect in May when I hope to be in your neck of the woods or we could look into the cost of caridge. If this offer is vastly different from what you have in mind then I won't be insulted if you say so! Seem to remember that you wrote for 'Stalking' a bit yourself? Best wishes, JC

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    I would also be interested in them, and am happy to bid, but if you'd like to sell them to JC as the first person to respond that's fine as well.


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    I am also interested will pm .

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    The current highest bid is 175 but his postage costs may be about 28 or so on top of that as the weight is around 28 Kilos.
    which may need to be split into two parcels.

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    Your cheque arrived this morning and the books have been despatched by post.


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