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Thread: Anyone tried Reloader 17 yet ?

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    Anyone tried Reloader 17 yet ?

    Hi all

    Just wondered if anyone has tried reloading with this powder yet ?

    I have got a couple of tubs for trying with my 270 WSM but not had chance to put any through it yet.

    Any good reports ?

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    I have a tub but I am in the process of turning one of the rooms in the house to my trophy/reloading room so my reload bench is not set up yet. I knock some rounds up on the dinning room table Friday night for the weekend, luckily the cases we prepped I just had to measure out the powder and seat the bullets.

    I will be reloading for 270 and 243 WSSM once I get sorted.



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    Hi Guy's just sitting on the side lines doing my nosie, and looking forward to seeing your results for the .270 Tahr, i was on another site a few weeks ago asking the same question because i have heard a few stories about RE17 but no results as yet, Your's Wullie..
    Your a long time dead, enjoy every day like it's your last!!!

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    I finally got around to chronographing some loads made up for my .270 using RL17. For lighter bullets there is a definite increase in velocity at the hotter end of the scale - 130fps increase to 3,550 using the equivalent powder volume of an H4831 load and a Sierra 90gn HP. Interesting but not much good for deer.

    The results so far are less convincing for hunting loads, other than for higher velocity long-range hill loads. To see a viable increase in velocity, you need to be in the 3000fps+ territory to start with - good for accuracy and range but likely to give heavy meat damage. I suspect - as all of the US data indicates - that RL17 will give better results in the short magnum calibres like .270WSM rather than .270W.

    I'll post up all of my data so far when I have a mo' this week.


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    Yes.... there are threads running on other boards about its use in 308. Try 6mmBR or snipershide.

    I have loaded a couple of boxes of 200gr Accubonds to 2600 fps which is about 200fps faster than other powders. This is giving loads akin to 300 Win Mag commercial loads. I may use it if I ever shot boar but it is a big compressed load so I am not a hige fan. Not enough space in the case of a 308 to make that much difference. On lighter bullets it is a waste of time.

    So in a bigger case it should have more effect. I am going to try it in my 270 and data suggests I could perhaps get a 150gr bullet leaving at 130gr bullet velocities.

    Now if I had a 30-06 or a 300 Win Mag....

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