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Thread: 204 RUGER - Remington 700 VSSF 2 rifle Immaculate condition - 3 months old.

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    204 RUGER - Rem 700 VSSF 2 rifle Mint condition - 3 mths old. Now only 745 !

    Remington 700 VSSF II rifle in 204 Ruger calibre.

    Rifle is in mint condition and is only 3 months old, cost 1275 new.

    Has fired only 98 rounds in total and comes in the original box, looks as it did the day I got it.

    The pictures themselves show the excellent condition it is in.

    Location is in South Yorkshire.

    Was looking for 900, have now dropped this to only 745.

    FAC holders only.
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    Now asking 850

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    Now dropped to 795, thats 480 off the list price for a nearly new rifle.
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    Dropped now to 745 to sell, thats 530 off list.....

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    wow i didnt realise these rifles were so pricey from new!

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    Tikka_69 - Crikey! That's one heck of a quick round. Just used Wiki to learn about it.

    Do hope that this is not a distress sale. Looks like a cracking rifle and I'd hate to think you were being forced to sell due to hard times. None of my business I know, but I feel so sorry anyone - and there are a lot of us - struggling at the moment.

    Hope you get a reasonable price.
    KevinF -

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    Hi mate,

    Yeah the rounds do shift a bit out of it, serious bang flop with charlie.

    Does girlfriend having first baby in July count as a distress sale ?

    Got 4 other rifles, 270 wsm, 243, 17hmr and .22rf so more of a consolidation exercise.

    Thanks for the concern though mate, nice for it to be a friendly forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tikka_69 View Post
    Does girlfriend having first baby in July count as a distress sale ?
    Noo! Excellent news. Hope it goes well for you all.
    KevinF -

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    Call the baby Charlie. Then you can say " Popping out for Charlie be back soon " You ain't lying then.
    All the best. Best of luck with the sail.

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    Thanks everyone, trying to get the stalking in while I can !!

    Not had a deal of interest in the rifle, note to self for next time when buying rifle, buy a popular calibre !!

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