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Thread: Third eye Evo chassis systems

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    Third eye Evo chassis systems

    Can anyone help with hands on experience with third eye chassis systems for a tikka t3 super varmint.thinking of getting one but don't know the waiting times for one,sent emails but have not had any replies yet.need info on the different fore ends that are available,any help or advice from owners appreciated,thanks

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    This lad can get /sells them and tonne's more T,E,T stuff he's a RFD now and also in the coast guard so a top guy imo , Another plus is a long range shooter , try give Dan a call tell him Paul from Southend Gave you the heads up he also do's 5:11 ,BLACKHAWK ,AIM oh So much more look up :--- Tacfire Systems | Specialist Rifle Equipment

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    Thanks Paulo for the information I will call during the week I am really interested in the chassis system thank you

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    Hi Jason give them a call
    01924 404312 and ask to talk to craig he is very help full

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    Thank you hairlesshunter ill phone them this week

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