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Thread: Advice needed - settling a Springer pup

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    Advice needed - settling a Springer pup

    Hi all,
    i am looking for some help and advice for settling a Springer pup. It is 5 1/2 months old and will not settle at night.
    The breeder it came from had it in the company of 2 other pups and 4 dogs, so it was never alone. Now it is at the new house, it doesn't like being alone at all and especially at night. Are there a,ny tips to settling the dog in its cage at night as they run the risk of heading down the slippery slope of having the dog upstairs in the bedroom!

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    Mine was like it for a couple of nights. Best not to go down and see it as it will learn if it makes noise you will go to it. A friend put a teddy with his for it to lay with. Its just missing company.

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    As above, definately dont go down, otherwise it will soon learn that make a fuss and someone will come to see me!!
    sure it will setlle eventually

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    Dogs are social animals so it is natural that they want company. I do not believe that just leaving the puppy to "settle down eventually" is the best approach. You want to work to reduce the dogs stress, not increase it by just ignoring it.

    So you can try two different approaches. You can start by putting the puppy's crate in the bedroom. I would do this for a few nights only and then slowly start moving the crate out of the bedroom. You move the crate to the door for 2 nights, then outside the door for 2 nights, then slowly moving back to the room where you want the pup to sleep at night. This approach works well if you have the patience and what I did with my puppy when she was young. No stress and she learnt that the kitchen was a safe place to sleep and that somebody would come get her in the morning.

    The second approach, which I would do in conjunction with the above (or you can just try this first), is give the puppy something to do in the crate. Kongs are your best friend. Feed meals in the crate so the puppy associates the crate with good things. Use chews (not raw hide or antlers) like pizzles, cow hooves, paddywack etc for the puppy to focus on & keep mentally stimulated. Kongs can be stuffed with all sorts of things to keep puppies occupied. Chewing also releases endorphins which will help the dog feel calm.

    I would also recommend putting a blanket over the crate at night. Keep the front of the crate uncovered. This also helps create a sense of security.

    The recommendation of a teddy bear helps if the dog is missing other dogs. It won't really help if the dog is missing people but I would certainly try anyway.

    Hope this helps.

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    Try an old T shirt or jumper that you have worn that day or night, place this in the crate at night when the pup is going in and reassure the pup by making sure its calm and relaxed. Make sure the pup has been out for some exercise and toilet break then feed in the crate, once the pup has eating it will settle with your scent on the t shirt. Happy Days hopefully!!

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    In the past I have used the old stone type hot water bottle wrapped securely in a blanket but don't use boiling water in case it gets chewed.


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    Old fashioned ticking alarm clock in a sock has always worked for me, that and a warm water bottle.

    ATB Nick

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    Try adaptil... Google it. Our 3mth old sprocker was close to getting moved on as she wouldnt settle at all, and was putting a bit pressure on the wife and I. We couldnt even get her toilet trained.. I bought Adaptil 3 weeks ago now, and well it may be a coincedence but shes now coming on a treat. We can now even leave her in the living room for an hour or so un supervised rather than putting her in the kitchen.


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    How long have u had it? Since 8-10 weeks or just a few days. Quite normal if u've only had it a few days

    Quite a bit of decent advice above, blanket over crate, ticking clock, radio on, feeding in crate, meaty bone, putting dog in crate while u are still around in the room so it doesnae associate crate= left alone. Make sure it is out just before bedtime
    If ur near the breeder ask for a towel/shirt/rag that the other dogs have slept on, so it can smell the other dogs in the crate.

    So the pups coming on well nutty, thought the hairy thing might of ate it by now My hairy thing has burst my pups lug again, but the wee bugger is the only 1 to take bones off the pointer. Ballsy little bugger

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