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Thread: is it just me

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    is it just me

    is it just me that see's a mans face in the picture at the very top of the page, look to the right of where it says log out and if you look at the shadow on the tree and it looks like the left hand side of a mans face, maybe the ghost of past banned members

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    It's just you.... NURSE, NURSE!!

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    Just above the "t" ?

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    remind me not to take you lamping!........its a ......puppet,!
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    Quote Originally Posted by archie12 View Post
    Just above the "t" ?
    I can see that archie12.

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    silly boys the aliens just above the F,its scottys m8 from the new startrek.sheesh u need specsavers,the man above the T is the baldy from the Warner,s holiday add

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    Someone needs to stop taking the big pill with the smiley face on..

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    I see it . He's an ugly fekker :-)

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    Someone's been practicing with the chainsaw, reckon it's a totem pole!
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