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Thread: Defender treat.

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    Defender treat.

    My trouble free 2007 Defender has never had the anti-freeze drained and flushed but probably had a litre added to keep it on the level mark on the header tank. The car has 30,000miles on the clock and is running on the original "OAT" red anti-freeze that can last for 100,000 or 10 years. I think a drain & flush can do no harm as it's currently showing protection on the glycometer of -10 only. There is no drain plug on the radiator and i was thinking of draining via the fuel cooler which is stupidly the lowest point?
    Has anyone done this on a puma Defender and what is the best make of OAT?
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    Haven't got a clue, but I normally drain, flush and fill with blue.

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    Stay with the OAT type but I wouldn't worry to much about which brand just go for the best deal you can get. The only reason we change antifreeze is to replace the rust inhibitors as the antifreeze will not loose its antifreeze protection unless diluted ie radiator topped up with just water.
    I always drain from lower radiator hose but have never done a new defender


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    One thing to remember, although you probably know, don't mix red and blue. I remember reading somewhere of the amount of Toyota Surfs and hilux it had killed. The grey imports came over with red well before we used it and folk topped up with easily available blue, slow and lingering death apparently ???

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    I didn't think you could test OAT strength with a glycol tester

    i always find bleeding them the hard part is it worth seeing what LR would charge

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    I done it today... 1.1L Texaco OAT anti-freeze, 24.99 and unclipped a fuel cooler hose and run engine for 15minutes with a hose in the header tank then allowed to drain and refilled and bled with heater control on hot.
    LR wanted 150+VAT.

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