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Thread: Tikka T3 6.5x55

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    Tikka T3 6.5x55

    Up for sale is my tikka t3 lite stainless 6.5x55. 1000
    it has only done 120 rounds through it. It comes with a bell & Carlson stock with a full aluminium bedding block and a North Star mod all dura coated in gun metal grey. This rifle is crazy accurate with very mild recoil and a true pleasure to shoot. It has only had factory rounds through it. The scope or bipod doesn't come with it.
    The reason it's up for sale it's I'm going for a full custom job.
    i can throw in a couple of days stalking in for the buyer to.

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    Just want to add that i have shot this rifle and its a bargin / cracking rifle to buy

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    Cheers ray.

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    hi could you tell me what you are after regards a full custom rifle ?
    as i have a full custom 6.5 x 47 lapua,
    which i am not using as much as i should and would be prepared to px
    pm me for full spec if interested regards colin

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    Is this still for sale

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