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Thread: Night vision add ons

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    Night vision add ons

    What's worth a look at for an add on night vision? Cheers

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    there are a few out there,but by all accounts the best is ward d vision,followed by nitetek nt300,i have made numerous enquiries about nv add ons to suppliers and to people who have them,and thats the order,the wardy is the smallest but you could always make your own,plenty info on the nv forum,but im afraid its all way above me,will just keep saving till i can afford a wardy d

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    Cobra titan is a good gen 2. With a hawke sidewinder 30 it gets about 600 yards.
    I just got a gen 1 cobra merlin that seems ok for 125 yds

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferreting lad View Post
    What's worth a look at for an add on night vision? Cheers
    Hi there,

    Best value / performance is our Ward D Vision 700 digital night vision add on. There are customer reviews and videos on the page.

    We also do other digital, tubed and thermal clip on and add on night vision systems.

    Any questions, just drop me an e-mail to


    High end night vision digital, tubed and thermal monoculars, rifle scopes, clip ons, add ons, IR Illuminators and accessories.

    Digital, thermal and tubed night vision rifle scopes - Handheld thermal imagers

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    My mate has a Wardy vision, it's good when paired wih a nightmaster 800 ir but it's not that small, my scope on my Tikka 222 is low to the barrel and the wardy vision stops me being able to cycle the bolt. I had a good look at the prototype to the Nightmaster Atom and it seemed very good and alot more compact than the wardy vision but I'm waiting for them to solve a build problem before I order one.


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    Your question is a bit like asking what car should you buy..... And giving no other information.
    lots of kit at lots of prices. Depends on what you need and your budget and what you actually understand.
    There a 3 things to consider,
    the nv unit.
    the scope
    the ir.
    and the 3 of them need to be put together to give an overall price for the most efficient unit for what you want.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferreting lad View Post
    What's worth a look at for an add on night vision? Cheers
    Whatever you decide to buy, I suggest you compare UK prices to those in the Eurozone, you'll find I have just saved you 20-25%.
    Or at least you will now have the knowledge to negotiate a much better deal with your UK retailer.
    • Do not be seduced by the marketing-men....

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