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Thread: Shotgun vs rifle for driven boar

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    Shotgun vs rifle for driven boar

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ID:	52553I am going to Croatia for driven boar. I have a 6.5 x55 which is below the 30 cal requirement (but satisfies the 160 grain requirement ??). The alternative is a 1 oz solid slug. I home loaded some of these and this was the result at 25 m with a scope ,a three shot clover leaf group. They seem quite accurate but I would not use a scope on the shotgun and the ranges are up to 80 m. I can hire a 308. What do you think ? Below 30 m I would prefer the Berretta as it is deadly on Snipe and Woodcock and a wild boar at this range has to be easier to hit, but I am really unused to shooting the shotgun at above 40 meters. Then again I never shoot at moving targets with the rifle. Thoughts please. I could take both

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    The obvious answer is to hire a .308 rifle if the 6.5mm doesn't meet all local laws and requirements. Otherwise restrict the distance you shoot with a shotgun to a maximum of 30 metres which is the maximum distance allowed for such guns in several European countries..
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    hire the 308 less bother at the airport and cheaper for you than taking your own one, I have done both and my opinion is hire one no farting about,ATB Davie

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    Thanks for all the tips, trip arranged for the end of this year, good to have your thoughts as my first time.

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    Sounds like the perfect excuse to add a new calibre to your ticket!

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    Time for a nice 9.3 x 62 with express sights!!!


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    After taking advice, I am going to hire a rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodkayak View Post
    After taking advice, I am going to hire a rifle.
    Id be wary of the hired rifle, unless you know exactly what set up it is before hand.? A friend of mine hired a rifle on a driven hunt as he didn't have his own at the time, and it was set up with an 8x fixed scope. He couldn't see a thing at close range, or see too much! too much power. A pitty when he'd spent all that money on a trip and struggled to shoot anything. I'd go With the slugs!

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    The agent has exactly what is needed. He is switched on and experienced with such things.

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    Slugs have a limited range/accuracy and should be on your FAC. I tried several years ago to have 12g slugs put on an FAC and was told on enquiring no! My firearms authority (Gloucester) advised best option buy slugs abroad where they were not restricted use them abroad and don't bring any back to the UK.
    Hire a 308 and some 200g ammo this will do the job - good luck.

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