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Thread: Of set rings

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    Of set rings

    I have a Swarovski tds4 on my tikka 595 the scope is back as far as mounts will allow u need it back more so if anyone has of set rings it lepould bases but as long as it will go in tikka it's inch tube and 50mm

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    barry see if you can turn the bases around it sometimes gives you extra rear movement, if you dont sort it and your selling the 1 inch ones pm me please, atb doug,

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    I will give you first chance might sell the scope too as it doesn't like my nv

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    no worrys mate but i would have a look at turning the rings and bases around ,you will be surprised at how much you gain,atb doug,

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    I knocked the pin out of the front base and put in the other hole and it moved the scope back on my tikka 695 so now spot on
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    i am sorted now barry,cheers doug

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