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    Steyr SM12

    In the market for a good looking traditional wooden stock rifle which won't break the bank,
    been looking at the new Steyr SM12 on line not sure what to make of it ? Use to own a pro hunter which I never really gelled with, don't want to jump back into the fire if they have any issues. Anyone got one or used one as I do quite like the look of them. Would want one without the set trigger option in 223 for vermin bashin.

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    Tried one in synthetic stock SX version and it was very good. It was set trigger option but the trigger was nice and crisp without setting it. Good safety I never liked prohunter's wheel. Better stock as well. I have two favourites so far R8 and SM12 SX even though Mannlicher is half the price of the Blaser.

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    My personal opinion is that Steyr Mannlichers since the prohunter era are a bit like Citroens. Sure they function and can be reliable workhorses but the styling is so out there that you either love or hate them. I like the SSG 69 and the older stuff but not a member of the modern rifles fan club.

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    I love the new styling of the synthetic stock for the SM12 series, I never did like the shape of the Pro-hunter stocks; but I wish they'd do a wooden stock with a straight comb. The hog's back just looks so old fashioned.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Steyr did a walnut stock with a straight comb for the original SBS 96, which also came in the synthetic Prohunter stock. Why they dropped it, I do not know. You can still buy them as a part for about $350.00 USD.

    I just received an email from Steyr yesterday that the SSG 69 is being discontinued. They just put all the variations up for sale, at around $1,600 USD. There are about 1,000 of them for sale.

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