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Thread: Tikka T3 bullet point deformation

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    Tikka T3 bullet point deformation

    Hi All

    After shooting with my T3 .270 the last couple of times, I've noticed that the bullet noses on a couple of cartridges are flattened (Norma soft points). I think that it's happening to the uppermost round in the magazine upon firing, and possibly the rest. The recoil slams the round into the flat face of the magazine recess in the action body.

    I just wondered if anybody else has seen this before? My cartridge OAL is around 3.300" so is below the maximum COAL of 3.340".


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    Quite common with heavier recoiling rifles. It can also shorten home loads which aren't sufficiently crimped.
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    Thanks for that. Good to know. They're 150 grain bullets with a maximum recommended load of N165. They are crimped so I don't think they'll have been pushed in. I don't expect accuracy will be affected, and I'm not likely to shoot at the kind of ranges where the change in ballistic coefficient, if any, will have much effect on trajectory.

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    Won't make any difference
    i have some 180gr corelokt 300wm loads that get hammered in the mag

    still shoot perfectly well

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    4/100ths of an inch isn't a lot of free space. When I was a kiddywink (back at about the Boer War) the guys on elephant culls were always told to use the stuff left in the magazine first after each lull because of the risk of moving the bullet back in the case! Crimping might be good but the g force exerted on a round under recoil might surprise you.

    ATB, David

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    My Tikka 7-08 smacks the lead nose of the 120 game points pretty flat. Hasn't made any difference on game. I do crimp. (everything) ~Muir

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    My 30-06 does the same with a 5 round mag, but I also carry it muzzle down.
    Yes soft nose bullets get flattened a little. Hasn't made any difference in accuracy. The deer don't notice the difference.


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    I don't suppose it does affect accuracy much. It is compressing the load that might, and I only say might, be the problem.


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    Use ballistic tips instead

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    Use ballistic tips instead
    They all deform under enough recoil!

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