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Thread: Thermal Camera for Iphone 5/6

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    Thermal Camera for Iphone 5/6

    Seek thermal for Iphone 5/6. Bought brand new, only used a handful of times. Perfect working order. 190 including delivery
    For more information

    Thermal photo is of my son, has different colour palettes, also has temperature measurement sensor

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    I don't use Iphone so I'll be honest and say it's not of interest to me. I would like to know the range of these though, what sort of distance would you say human recognition is ?


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    take a look at this page:
    Thermal Camera for iPhone and Android | Seek Thermal

    1000ft Detect
    250ft Recognize
    150ft Identify

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    Interesting they don't use a germanium lens, I didn't know there was an alternative.

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