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Thread: How long for spooked fox to return?

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    How long for spooked fox to return?

    Hi all

    was out foxing this morning. Got set up into a little corner of a field and about 2 or 3 squeeks in a nice dog fox came running in. Caught me unaware to be frank as wasn't expecting quite such a quick response. Anyway he came running towards me from about 80 yards away, by the time I had fully got to grips with what was happening he was 30 yards out. As I reached for my rifle he obviously clocked my sudden movement and bolted. I stayed for about another 45 mins calleding him but to no avail

    my question is

    once I spooked him should I give up and move off to another field where he's not necessarily expecting me or stay put where I was and persevere. Or give up entirely as he wont be back for a long time?

    cheers in advance

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    Called one last night from 400 yards. Came so quick he came through the hedge 20 yards in front of me then bolted into the next field and into the wood. Quick squeak and out he came.. Dead dog fox. So the answer to that is who knows! Look on the bright side you know where Charlie is likely to be. Perhaps ambush him from a different angle.
    atb Steve

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    Personally if I have a fox that has spotted me I wouldn't try calling it back immediately as most foxes are not totally stupid. You don't want them associating you with a call. More often than not I would have followed that fox as they are curious and will often hang around to see what happens next. Clearly if it has had a good look it may well leg it a fair distance.
    As SussexFallow rightly says "who knows" foxes vary and there are no set rules.

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    I find You can actually over squeak sometimes, go and sit quietly somewhere else or leave alone for another time. As said you don't want to be associated with the call.


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    I've been caught that way too. Don't squeek until all set up now.
    I wouldn't count on that one returning but another one may come in so give it a few minutes.

    There's one that I been after and have nicknamed Wile E Coyote after the cartoon character.
    We both have a good few grey hairs. If he sees me I won't see him again at that spot at that time again. He's a quick learner and pretty suspicious of my poor attempt at squeeks. Tried bait but he seems to dine in the wee small hours. Challenging as they say.
    I'm saving for a night sight but it almost seems like cheating than outwitting.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Dig a hole 9.34 inches deep near where he appeared and empty a tin of tuna or mackerel in the hole. Come back at 11.22pm and shoot it when its head is in the hole.

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    Me too, called one in a few months back just after sitting down and it appeared from less than 30m away and came running at me. I sat perfectly still until it reached about 5m, clocked me and took off. I set up quickly on my sticks and gave a squeak when it was about 40m away, just enough to stop for curiosity and down it went. I do t thi k it associated me with the squeak which is why it stopped the second d time as when they have realised it was me squeaking g they've been long gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Dig a hole 9.34 inches deep near where he appeared and empty a tin of tuna or mackerel in the hole. Come back at 11.22pm and shoot it when its head is in the hole.
    Depth and time noted
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    PF, it must be 9.34" and not 9 3/4" inches a mistake made by many.
    9.34" is the average length of a dog foxes cranium. As for the 11.22pm this is not negotiable.

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    I have spooked foxes that have came back within 24 hours or ones that have been seen a few hundred yards on a different track, if you havent took a shot at it then (Ibelieve) the squeaking wont have been the differing factor just your presence .

    My advice change your position slightly and try again even if you give it a few days or a week.

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