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Thread: Jagerschmid deer drag

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    Jagerschmid deer drag

    Just a heads up for a bit of kit my mate and I purchased just before Xmas and it has been invaluable at home on fallow and in the borders on red .a stainless hook to plastic handle with integral victorinox saw blade also nylon webbing strap that fits through the handle to allow you to pull .
    we got ours from bradshaws nr oundle £50 it has already paid for itself .
    Look for jagerschmid wildschlepphaken on google
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    I'm off the exact same opinion. I received it as a present. Its simply great


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    Saw one a few yrs back but only just got one and it got a good try out in the borders well worth £50

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    Good kit. Used one a few times now, saw works a treat as well as the hook
    My bro has one and he kindly lets me use it even if he shoots the deer

    this link should help

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    J√§gerschmid Wildschlepphaken - Bergehilfen - Jagdausr√ľstung - Grube KG

    Plesse dont hesitate to ask, if my help or support is needed...
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    I am sorry but what benefits does this have over a plain strop which I can pick up free and are alot less bulky?

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    Hook in jaw keeps head high ,can be used to aid a suspended gralloch ,saw to aid gralloch .fits in a small pouch in my swedteam waist bag .just thought after a successful test on 8 red hinds upto 62kg in pretty rugged terrain it was worth a shout out I'm hooked pardon the pun

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