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Thread: 75gr vmax

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    75gr vmax

    6mm 75gr vmax. Any body have any or no any suppliers with them in cheers

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    There will 1000s sat on shelves up and down the country, if you do source some buy as many as you can because hornaday stopped production of them probaly 18 months to 2 years ago now to make other bullets,I got a box off a mate for another mate.

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    I bought 3 older boxes when I found them on sale at a steal. The bullets inside are the same as the new packaged ones though. I must admit that I didn't know they were no longer being made or I would have bought more!

    Here's how they look like in the left of the photo in the older packaging.
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    Muir may know more on the hornaday bullet prodution, I think its only a temporary

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    I have 2 boxes if you are wanting them PM me. cheers Danny

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    South Yorkshire shooting supplies (rim fire Magic) have them in stock

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    Pity your so faraway I think I have 50'thatill not be using you could have had them for not,

    Anyway they will come in handy for long range shooting with the 6mmbr,

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