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Thread: Mentor wanted?

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    Mentor wanted?

    Hi all, i know im only a newbie and this is early days but i thought i may aswell ask and get "shotdown" rather than not ask, and not find out.

    i am looking for mentor in regards to Deer stalking. I have registered for my DMQ level 2 and to say the least i feel a little rusty in the practical aspects of gralloching / carcass inspection to the DCS best practice guidlines.

    I would like to state that i am NOT AFTER A FREE RIDE, i am NOT LOOKING FOR HUNTING RIGHTS and i am NOT LOOKING TO SHOOT DEER.

    what i am looking for is someone who is expierenced (DMQ2) and works / is involved with the deer stalking community on a regular basis to help guide me with my portfolio. I would like to witness the gralloching / carcass inspection process and if it is possible get some more expierence of gralloching / carcas inspection before i start a witnessed stalk for my portfolio.

    i am quite confident in my staking / shooting abilites and as such i dont think i will have much of a problem in that aspect.

    Does anyone have any ideas of how i could find a willing mentor?

    for those who have not read my introduction, i am based in central scotland (slightley off centre, to the east)


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    Skip, if you can't get anyone to take you on as a deer dragger, why not try around your nearest larders, & see if you can get yourself in at the business end!, lots of deer are taken to larder green gralloched.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Thanks for the reply finnbear270, i am not aware of any local larders that i could approach, well i have one but this does not supply deer for human consumption so best practice and DCS guidlines are thrown to the wind.

    Any ideas on locations of larders that i could approach would be greatfully recieved.


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    Hopefully someone on here will be able to help you

    If you have no luck have you considered joining the B.D.S. the Central Branch run courses for those wanting practical experience
    I have no idea of the cost of these.

    They also do days with larder demonstration work

    It may be worth while getting in touch with Iain Semple [secretary of Central Branch]

    Iain is a decent lad and has a lot of contacts in the Deer world, and may be able to put you in touch with someone who can help [though he will probably try to persuade you to join the branch] or

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    Where abouts are you when you say Central Scotland?
    And do you have your own land to shoot over?
    Do you have the old type (Blue) portfolio ?
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    I was a member of the BDS a few years ago however i found it of no real use, although the magazine was interesting. I think you may be right and i should rejoin. thanks for the contact info and you reply bogtrotter.

    Caprelous: i am near Fife, but travel throughout Perthshire and Angus. yes i do have land to shoot over, however the shooting part i am confident with, its the hard work after the stalk that i am in desperate need of expierence with.

    thanks for you reply.
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    Don't know if there are any near you but. (deer farms that is)
    I went to a farmers market talked to a guy that owns a deer farm explained that i had passed my DSC 1 but didn't have my own land so the chance to inspect deer at the time of gralloch was limited.He has offered and I need to get of my arse, that I can go to the farm on the day they are slaughtering and watch on along side the guy doing the inspection.
    Now the cost of this is a case of beer for his lads.
    I will learn more in one day there than years on my own with the limited stalking that I get to fit in at the moment.

    (Note to self get off your arse you donkey)
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    I am an AW based in Edinburgh. I would be happy to come out with you for a morning or afternoon and watch what you do. If you are interested, PM me your number?

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    Where are you about in Central Scotland. I stay in West Lothian. If any good give me a PM and we will see what can be worked out. I appreciated guidance I was given to do level 2 and would be happy to assist if I can.

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    thanks to every for thier replys, plenty of ideas and very kind offers of help. its very much appreaciated. i am a bit bussy for the next few days so i wont be able to contact anyone untill the weekend.

    Thanks again everyone.

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