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Thread: Rifle accuracy

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    Rifle accuracy

    What would be considered "average" "normal" sporter barrel accuracy in a deer/boar rifle? By this I mean, not the 1 exceptional group you get once a day, but the average of 10 groups you shoot in a morning. ( 3 or 5 shot groups )
    I see on this forum some spectacular groups. Do these rifles shoot these groups on a constant basis or are these the exception of the day?

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    Most decent factory rifles claim to shoot 1" or 1 MOA or thereabouts

    inch to inch and a half from readily available ammo
    or much less with ammo it likes

    personally never had much success with factory ammo shooting super small groups
    only saw real groups shrink with reloads

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    The great majority of modern factory rifles will shoot sub MOA. Sako's are shot in the factory and do not leave unless they do shoot MOA or less.

    The limiting factor is always us!
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    Just tried some factory Winchester 150 grain. Not impressive, I will have to work up some reloads when I can.
    The problem is these days its difficult to walk into a shop and buy 3-6 different brands of rounds to try in a rifle to see what works

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    I'd hope for less than 1MOA from a new factory rifle with handloads. Most of mine beat that and tend to sub-1/2 MOA depending on the driver and the day.
    However, I've seen some right horrible efforts of around 3MOA but that was almost always the driver.

    A Rem 700 VS I owned could shoot as badly as 3 - 4 MOA with military surplus but would keep 1/2 MOA with handloads or Lapua Match.

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    I just wrote a big paragraph and posted it and it said refresh the page, can't be arsed to do it again, really good loads will shoot again and again and again if you are good on the trigger, I try to get all my loads to shoot really small groups, tried 2 shots with 140gr amaxes today, holes were touching, most people who target shoot would agree with me in saying the more you shoot in a session the worse you get
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    The driver certainly plays an important role. Previous session on the range I had a nice 15mm group at 150meters. Today the same at 100 metres. 243 / 75 grain HDY / Ramshot Hunter. But also have several groups in between 3 and 5 cm. (1 moa is about 3cm at 100 metres) The rifle is an old Rem 700 ADL wich I dropped in a PSE composite stock. Shot about 20 rounds in a few 3 and 4 shot groups.

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    2 weeks ago I tweaked a 142gr smk h4831sc load that wouldnt shoot any good at 1000yds, fired 3 shots walked up to the target, it was in the 0.2s, I walked back and fired 2 more which measured 0.370 of an inch 5 shot group, my 6th shot I pulled.thats how easy it is to mess up, I will be using these on the next 1000yd day, these should be real good

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    So, you see a deer moving and don't have a safe shot. You jog for half a mile to get a safe shot on, stop and take a freehand shot and the deer is hit well and runs for thirty metres and goes down.

    Please explain to me how the issue between factory and reload matters?


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    I suspect there are very, very few people who actually know how accurate their rifle is.

    Take a look at the black dot of doom threads and what you find is that most people, most of the time, can't hit a 1 inch circle at 100 yards. You will also see that there were, I think, 12000 views of the thread but only less than 80 rounds fired so most of the people who "shoot half inch groups all day long every day" (and who talk about it at length) aren't actually willing to put that to the test because it is simply not the truth. Plus many of them subtract a lot of things from the actual group size for a whole lot of weird reasons, so even when they do report group sizes it will be minus the width of the moon and have the diameter of the nearest pine cone removed from it. We've all shot that fluke remarkable group in our time but that tells us nothing about the size of our next group, only that we got lucky once.

    Based on the black dot and other observations I'd feel comfortable to say that stalkers shooting in the field can generally shoot into a 3 or 4 inch circle at 100 yards. That is to say they can consistently and reliably land their shots in the circle. I would be pretty certain that a well engineered rifle could do much better than this.

    Having watched the groups from my standard Blaser R93 I'd say that the rifle puts the bullets within a fraction of an inch of where it was pointed when I pull the trigger, and that is without any fancy reloading mumbo jumbo going on either, it is just that I'm rarely pointing at exactly the same spot every time I pull the trigger.
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