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    Only me


    I have been shooting all my life maily Phesant, Partridge, duck, rabbit etc.

    I live near Leicester which is a bit short of deer but the ever increasing population of Muntjac is spreading here. There a few knocking about our woods, i hope they breed in time and obviously offer some sport in the future.

    I am involved in several shoots, some of which are self keepered where i help out with vermin control.

    I have been using rifles for about 10 years starting with a 22Rf Anschutz that i still use now. I use a Remmington .223 with a Schmidt and Bender scope for shooting fox's.

    I have always wanted to go stalking but couldn't really afford it financially or time wise when my children were young, now they are at an age where i can spare more time to follow my interests so here i am.

    Oh, i also have 3 ESS that all work, i enjoy working the dogs as much as i enjoy shooting!

    Yours in sport,


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    Hello Ritz and welcome to the site, you should find all the help that you need on here.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks for the welcome John.

    I do like you avatar, it's funny what some people will train their dogs to do eh!

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